Surah al-Kawthar Tafsir Series

Below are links to my series of translations of tafsir (commentary) on Surah al-Kawthar. The commentaries I have selected represent the wide variety of approaches this important genre can take, from mystical Sufi exegesis to law-oriented commentary. For an introduction to the genre as a whole, see Part One of Tafsir al-Tabrisi.

Tafsir al-Tabrisi:

Part One

Part Two, i.

Part Two, ii.

Tafsir al-Razi:

Part One

Part Two

Concise Tafsir:

The Tafsir of al-Baydawi

The Tafsir of the Two Jalals

Sufi Tafsir:

The Tafsir of al-Sulami

The Tafsir of ibn ‘Ajiba

Legal Tafsir:

The Tafsir of ibn ‘Arabi

Maghrebi Fatwa Series

Two fatwas on issues of bodily cleanliness and liturgical propriety: Itching for an Answer.

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